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Human to Humans Marketing Podcast
Ep. 1 - A Humane Marketing Manifesto

Ep. 1 - A Humane Marketing Manifesto

Becoming a rogue marketer after 13 years in the field.

After 13 years of fueling the engine of aggressive marketing, Bianca challenges the industry's relentless pursuit of profit at all costs. Her Humane Marketing Manifesto delves into the heart of modern marketing malpractices—from exploiting consumer data to manipulating young minds—and boldly questions the ethical implications of these strategies.

Bianca doesn't just criticize; she advocates for a seismic shift towards marketing that truly respects human vulnerability and promotes sustainable consumption behaviors. If you've ever questioned the role of marketing in today's society or your part in it, this episode is an essential listen that promises not just to enlighten but also to inspire action.

You can find a written version of this episode on the Human to Humans Marketing Substack here.

Human to Humans Marketing
Human to Humans Marketing Podcast
Are you a marketer who's tired of gimmicks that compromise ethical standards? Or perhaps a consumer disillusioned by empty promises and misleading campaigns?
Join Bianca on 'Human to Humans Marketing' Podcast to help transform the industry from the inside out. We’re here to prove that marketing can be a powerful tool for good—aligning business success with social responsibility and consumer well-being.
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